The Age of Wisdom.

You don’t always need to read a Kant or a Nietzsche to philosophize. The sources of your inspirational thoughts can sometimes be miniscule in size. No, I’m not talking about those pocket books  of quotes or even the humble bookmarks with their wise words, staring at you when you are trying to crack your whodunits.

I’m talking about the toon, candy and toy obsessed little beings; who can surprise you with their perceptions of life : Children. My daily dose of wisdom, besides the occasional posters [and the ubiquitous Facebook posts]; comes from the unconditioned , tender minds.

Ri , age 5: “Do you know that you can see an object twice, without that object actually being in front of you?!”

Me: “Are you talking about photos?”

Ri [frustrated that I didn’t get the obvious]:  “No! Have you ever been on a TGV?”

Me: “Yes, once.”

Ri: “Now, imagine that one day, you dream that you are in it again. You have seen it and been on it twice!”


SriR, age 10 –  On watching the repetitive images on the telly, of a politician being smeared with black ink; in the presence of campaigners and the media.

“I don’t understand why they are making it a big deal! It is just some ink, which can be washed away!”


SriD, age 6 [ a little upset] : “God never responds to me.”

Me [Being used to people praying for help or giving thanks when their prayers have been answered] : “When you pray to God, he makes the people around you , help you with your problems. you really can’t SEE him.”

SriD: “I know that you or my mom can help me with my problems. But, when I tell him that he is very cute, he never replies.”


A child, more than all other gifts
That earth can offer to declining man,
Brings hope with it, and forward-looking thoughts