It’s not just mythical cats that have nine lives. We as human beings too, we live many lives. All in a single lifetime, and it’s not just the different phases such as childhood, adolescence and adulthood, but the many different experiences that we live every single day.Each experience brings about a death of certain parts of our ever evolving personalities and, leading to the birth of our new selves.

Every time we die out of our old identities, we carry with us the Karma to the new born psyche.

This non-physical cycle of birth and death is essential for us, to keep ourselves from rotting, very much like the plants.

It might seem weird, being compared to a being in a permanent “vegetative” state as we claim to be a species apart, different from all that is natural around us. However, in reality, we are sometimes no different from say, the trees outside our man-made shelters.

Just like the vegetation that grows, dries, sheds leaves, wears a dark look of death every winter, only to be reborn with the tender leaves and spring blooms; feeding off the compost of the last season; we, at the psychological level, need to grow, experience, shed the bad ones and let ourselves evolve, feeding off the past experiences without being too attached to their consequences.

The above realization puts the whole notion of rebirth and Karma in a new light for someone like me, who has always been skeptical of these concepts.