Lessons of the past decade.

“Age is subjective.” I said, to my prospective employer, when asked as to how I, a 21 year old, naive looking chubby girl, would be able to teach a group of boisterous teenagers.  I had found the expression appealing enough to be used in a successful job interview with a 70 year old founder of a reputed school.

A fruitful stint as a teacher, a marriage, a weight-loss program, higher studies and a new job later, bref, almost ten years after I oh so freely shared my opinion on age, I truly understood its meaning.

We all like to quote inspirational sayings, use thoughtful phrases to make a point, presuming to understand them. When in reality, we are able to do so only when we have wholly experienced them.

As I turn 30 today, I can now say from my heart, that age IS Subjective. Almost a decade of teaching people from age 7 to 65, I have realized that an 8 year old can sometimes be more mature than an 80 year old. In fact, I’m as mature as I should have been a good 10 years ago; for whether we are in haste to grow up or be a Peter Pan, despite the ability  desire to be masters of our destiny; we often find ourselves at its mercy.

Life has its plans for us, setting the rhythm of our evolution which is directly proportional to rather our willingness to learn from even the most undesirable of experiences, than their sheer number. Although a reluctant learner to begin with, the aforementioned undesirable experiences, were the ones that reiterated the following :

a) The pursuit of perfection will  lead one to the path of failure.

b) Happiness is not a destination.

c) Vulnerability is something  that  needs to be embraced. [A fact beautifully illustrated here: http://questforidentity.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/vulnerability/ ]

d) Motivation is often overrated! We need not always work for a reward. Work in itself IS sometimes a reward.

And e) To quote one of my favorite authors : Le pire du pire , c’est l’attente du pire  – Daniel PENNAC , La Petite marchande de prose, 1990. [The worst of the worst is the expectation of / the wait for the worst!]

Have I learnt them well?  The new experiences in my new chapter of life will answer the question.