Acceptance – Back to nature.

 A good friend of mine once said :

“On essaie tant de nous façonner et de façonner notre vie qu’on oublie que rien n’est dans notre contrôle. A la fin, c’est cette resignation à la volonté du Dieu qui m’a donné la paix. Toutes les stratégies du développement de soi aident, mais pour une guérison holistique, complète, j’ai trouvé que la foi était nécessaire.”

                                            – “We are so busy trying to mold ourselves and to mold our lives that in the process, we forget that NOTHING IS IN OUR CONTROL. In the end, it is the resignation to the will of God which helped me find peace. The various strategies proposed by self-help books, counselors and psychologists do help, but for a holistic and a complete solution or a cure, I found that the most necessary ingredient was Faith.”

Whether we believe in the tangible form of all that is beyond our reach , the super being which cannot be easily perceived – namely God , or we refuse to believe in the very existence, owing to our desire or need to think rationally ; no matter what our belief system is, one cannot deny that the human race, despite its claim to be the most superior of all beings; is quite powerless when it comes to nature.

Nature, as defined by the  Oxford Dictionary :[MASS NOUN] The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. The very definition reveals the  existence of the perception of duality. Why do we, as human beings are always in a pursuit to prove that we are the outsiders, the powerful outsiders to the natural world, merely because we possess the intelligence of being able to “create”?

In spite of all our efforts to create our own ideal world , we need to accept that we cannot control all that is “opposed to humans or their creations”; for contrary to what we would like to believe, we are an integral part of this ” phenomena of the physical world, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth”.

So, does this mean that we bow down and give in to all those obstacles in our path to attain “perfection” and give up on every challenge that life throws at us. Does this “acceptance of the true nature of things” and resigning to fate/ faith, translate into defeat and submissiveness?

One country which is a frequent victim of the untamed and unpredictable nature of our planet is Japan. We all know what earthquakes are and are well aware of the consequences. No matter the devastating effects of the earth’s inner conflicts, people continue to live right on top of the fault lines. What is the motivating force behind their resilience and their persistence to stay put instead of migrating to safer regions, other than the obvious economic factors?

I believe that a part of the answer lies in “accepting” the natural world. And this acceptance is not a sign of submissiveness, for the latter would have provoked a mass exodus. The population did not even try to control nature by trying to find means to stop earthquakes from happening. Their solution was simply to accept the course of nature which motivated them to create buildings that would cause lesser damage to life. In other words they chose to adapt rather than to fight or run.

As an adolescent, I would get embarrassed by the fact that my mother suffered from a psychological disorder which made her lead an almost asocial life. I tried to change her into what I thought was an ideal mother. I would fight with her at every instance that challenged my idea of a perfect “mom”. Later on, I even went to the extent of developing a paralyzing fear of being like her, which in turn led me to loose my self-confidence, following which I would blame every failure of mine on my childhood.But the day I was forced by the unpredictable nature of life, to learn to accept her the way she was, not only did my fear began to disappear and I no longer made excuses in self-pity; but also could now see how she lived despite her sufferings and was able to lovingly raise a child with the help of my father’s unconditional support,and accept me despite all my deliberate actions to contradict her irrational beliefs .

Thus this acceptance, at many times; can be a solution to not only the conflicts between man and nature but also in our relationship with the other human beings and  in our relationship with our inner self. It is therefore never a sign of weakness to accept our vulnerabilities and the true nature of others.



One thought on “Acceptance – Back to nature.

  1. Beautiful article….. Probably once we understand that our real goal of human life is to get back to where we started from and understand the purpose for which we have been sent here, there may be changes

    Simply put, constant remembrance of the divine and the total surrender will help us to lead the life as without a eye blink of fear about the practicalities of the world


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