Breastory- Cover it up.

Candies in my hand, I ran to houses in my neighborhood.

I wanted to share the joy of turning 10. I felt special, hitting the the double digit. I wore a blue T-shirt with a huge Tom and Jerry print on it. As I walked into a house of the friendly neighbor who greeted me on my birthday, in the most unexpected way, his palms looking for something inside the Tom and Jerry T-shirt, it didn’t matter to him that I did not have breasts. Lucky me, that I quickly ran away before he could find those that hadn’t grown as yet.

And grow they did, after 3 years. This time around, there was no searching. They were quite evident under the blue pinafore, inviting the concern of a school head, who thought that they needed more support ,of a tighter bra, as it didn’t look too pleasing as they wobbled a bit, when I strutted along to collect a prize for scoring the highest in English; and as I walked back to the assembly line, I heard the boys snigger as “they” looked like mountains to them. Lucky me, that I found the right bra.

Out of school, in college, with a well supported bra, I thought that things would get better, but the strap showed a bit below the sleeve of my red t-shirt, probably why the poor guy in the bus stand went for my butt. Lucky me, that my boobs were spared this time.

Dressed in a long sleeved ‘Indian’ tunic and a pyjama, l walked into the classroom with my well prepared lessons, to teach a group of 12 year olds, but in the zeal of teaching the past tense, I had forgotten to wear a ‘dupatta’. Lucky me, that I had a very thoughtful management to send me a purple ‘dupatta’ to cover my big chest, lest they become the reason for low grades of my students.

I was out shopping with a friend and that size ‘S’ dress was tight around my breasts. I knew at that moment , earlier than the two bars on the pee-stick,that, in the months to come, they would be the home to my little one. Lucky me, that I was asked to cover them up with a shawl, along with my bulging tummy, lest the little one catch an evil eye even before she was born, never mind the scorching summer heat.

As the little one suckles on my breasts, to soothe herself to sleep, to quench her thirst, to satisfy her hunger, to just be with me, I feel confident, at last, satisfied in discovering their true purpose.

Lucky me , that I am reminded to cover up and stay in the room, hide in a makeshift nurse’s cabin or maybe a public toilet  and not get overconfident about their purpose for they might just be too enticing for the poor neighborhood pervert, their sagginess might just overwhelm the school principal, their mighty peaks might just be too hard to handle for the school boy’s imagination, the peeping strap of my nursing bra is not aesthetically appealing or they might just put the porn watching teenager in a very awkward position.

Lucky me, that I am reminded to cover them up.

Lucky me….


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